What You Need To Start Reading Hand Palm Easily

Hand Palm
Hand Palm

Before you start reading hand palm, you need to select the right hand. The dominant hand can give you information about your life and future. For knowing more about the characteristics you were born with, you should use your non-dominant hand. Once you start learning how to palm read, you will have to know about the major lines and what they represent.

The Lines and Their Significance are:
  1. There are three major lines in palmistry.
  2. They the life line, the head line and the heart line.
  3. These three lines govern the most important facets of your life.
  • Life Line
  • The life line in palmistry is related to the physical vitality of the individual. A longer line denotes a high resistance to disease but a short one predicts a susceptibility to diseases. If the line is thick and clear, the individual is better suited to physical labor but for a thinner and shallower line, the person will be better at using his or her mind. The presence of islands is a sign that a serious accident or illness may occur.

  • Head Line
  • In palm reading, the head line denotes the attitude, wisdom, thinking and creative capabilities. People with longer lines tend to be more responsive and capable of thinking clearly. Medium lines signify that the person is smart but not as good as those with longer lines. However, they will be better at doing things. Those with short lines tend to be rather impulsive and slow to respond. However, they can systematically complete tasks faster.

  • Heart Line
  • In palmistry, this line governs love. People with short lines or an absent heart line tend to be ruthless and self-centered. They will not consider the consequences before an action. Those with long lines tend to be straightforward and romantic.

It is not easy to understand how to palm read as the interpretations can vary between palm readers.

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