What Is the Role of Mounts in Free Palm Reading?

Free Palm Reading
Free Palm Reading

In free palm reading, you will get only a basic reading. As a result, you may want to start learning this art for your own benefit. One of the first things that you will learn will be the mounts. There are seven mounts in the palm and most of them are named after celestial bodies. Each of them represents a particular set of characteristics. Here is a short guide to them which can help when you are palm reading children.

The Mounts
  • The Mount of Jupiter
  • It is located below the forefinger base. In palmistry, this governs respect, authority and ambition. It is also representative of the person’s willpower. If it is developed, the person will be responsible and ambitious.

  • The Mount of Saturn
  • This can be found below the middle finger base. It is the symbol of integrity as well as perspective on things. Those who have this mount developed tend to be highly intelligent and sincere.

  • The Mount of Apollo
  • You can find this mount below the ring finger base. In palm reading, it is related to wealth, interest and emotions. If this mount is developed, it shows that the person is clever and mild.

  • The Mount of Mercury
  • This is at the little finger base. It is representative of thinking ability and wisdom. Those who have this base developed tend to be quick-witted and resourceful.

  • The Mount of Moon
  • Present at the palm base on the little finger side, this governs imagination, mystery and intuition.

  • The Mount of Venus
  • It is located at the thumb base. This mount is related to health and love in palm reading.

  • The Mount of Mars
  • This is made up of three parts. The inner mount is located between the mounts of Venus and Jupiter while the outer mount is found between Moon and Mercury. The Plain of Mars is the exact center of the palm

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