What Can You Find In a Palm Reading Chart?

Palm Reading Chart
Palm Reading Chart

A palm reading chart can be a very useful item to have when you are trying to learn this art. This chart will list all the parts of a palm as they are used in readings. As such, this item can act as a reference guide for your studies and also for your readings. Here are some of the things that you will notice in the chart.

The Parts
  • The Major Lines
  • These are the three lines that play the most important roles in palmistry. In fact, basic readings often comprise of these three lines only. These lines are the heart, the head and the life lines. These lines govern the most important aspects of your life. They are love, the mental faculties and the physical vitality respectively.

  • The Minor Lines
  • Apart from the major lines, there are quite a few minor lines. While called minor, they still have a role to play in palm reading children and adults alike. The marriage line, the money line and the sun line are just a few of these lines. It is important to remember that the interactions of these lines with each other can affect the reading considerably.

  • Mounts
  • Apart from the lines, you also have to consider the mounts as well. There are seven recognized mounts in palmistry. It is vital to understand these mounts. After all, they are also representative of various emotional and physical factors. At the same time, they can also affect the interpretations of the lines.

  • Markings
  • These markings are rarely considered on their own. Instead, they are usually interpreted on the basis of the line that they appear in. These markings can greatly impact the interpretation of the line. Depending on their location, type and line, these markings can have a positive or a negative impact on the interpretation.

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