Top 5 Useful Tips to Start Palm Reading Children

Palm Reading Children
Palm Reading Children

Before you can start palm reading children, you need to learn the concepts first. It is not easy to learn this art as there are many factors that you need to take into account when interpreting the hands and the palms. Here are a few tips that can help you get started with it.

The Tips
  • Get a Chart
  • You should get a palm reading chart to help you during your studies. With the help of this chart, you can find it easier to learn where each line or mount is present. More detailed charts are also available that give you information about each factor as well. This chart can become an invaluable tool for reference when you are learning and also when you are reading. You can find these charts for free on the internet.

  • The Major Lines
  • When you are learning palm reading, one of the first things that you will come to know is the lines on the hand. Among all the lines, there are 3 lines which are considered to be the most important. As such, they are known as the major lines. These lines govern some of the most important aspects of an individual. These lines are the wisdom, life and heart lines. The wisdom line is also known as the head line.

  • The Minor Lines
  • Once you become familiar with the major lines, you can proceed with the rest of the lines. These are collectively known as the minor lines. They govern the other less important aspects of a person such as the marriage, children, fate and money line. While each line has its own significance, their interpretation can vary on the basis of the markings on the lines. The mounts of the hand will also have an effect on the interpretation. Keep this mind when studying palm reading.

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