Top 4 Interesting Facts about the Heart Palmistry Lines

Palmistry Lines
Palmistry Lines

There are three major palmistry lines. They are the head, the life and the heart lines. The heart line governs the love aspect of an individual. It determines the attitude of the person towards love and the quality of the love that they are capable of having. It is possible to discover other things such as the quality of the marriage life or relationships through this line. Here are a few things that affect the interpretation of this line.

The Aspects
  • Short Length
  • A short or an absent heart line in palmistry shows that the person can be ruthless, narrow-minded and self-centered. They are more likely to act without any thought to the consequences of those actions. They are typically lonely as a result and the love lives are never smooth.

  • Very Long
  • In palm reading, a longer heart line represents that the person is very straightforward. They can achieve success but at the cost of a lot of hardships. In love, men are romantic while women are faithful. As such, they get hurt strongly after breakups with their partners.

  • Curved Lines
  • In palmistry, a heart line that curves upwards signifies that the person is excellent at creating a romantic atmosphere and talking about their love with their partners. Downward curves show that the person’s character is weak and negative. There will be a lot of twists in the relationship and person is incapable of expressing their love.

  • Straight Lines
  • These lines denote a person who is conservative, stable and mild. They tend to be shy. In relationships, they have a passive role. They can have a stable family live if the line is clear.

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