Top 3 Amazing Tips to Help You Read Your Own Palm

Read Your Own Palm
Read Your Own Palm

You may want to read your own palm for a variety of reasons. You may be wondering as to how the art works. Alternatively, you may want to learn more about your own personality or characteristics. This knowledge can also help you discover if there are any things in your future that you should be aware. Whatever be your reason, here are a few tips to help you get started.

The Tips
  • The Hand
  • It is vital that you should choose the right hand when you are reading hands. Your choice will be dependent on which school of thought you wish to follow. In some readings only the right hand is used with the left one used as support. In others, the right hand is read for men while the left one is read for women. There are other readings in which the dominant hand is used for the reading whether it is the right or the left hand. Therefore, think about which hand you want to read.

  • The Lines
  • As you start learning palmistry, the lines will be the first thing that you encounter. There are 3 major lines in this art. They are the head line, the heart line and the life line. The rest are all minor lines. You need to learn where each of these lines is present and what do they represent. You also need to find out the links between the lines and the possible interpretations that they have.

  • The Mounts
  • The other thing considered in palmistry is the mounts. There are seven of these mounts and each of them has a role to play in the reading. As such, you need to understand what these mounts mean. Mounts are also linked to the lines and these links must also be explored for the correct interpretations.

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