The Most Important Lines in Reading Palm Lines

Reading Palm Lines
Reading Palm Lines

When you are reading palm lines, there will be quite a few things that you need to take into account. You will have to consider all of the lines along with the mounts. There will also be the markings to take into account. However, for a basic reading, you need to be familiar with the major lines.

The Major Lines
  • Life Line
  • In palmistry, this line represents the physical vitality of the person along with the life energy. If this line doubled, it means that your physical vitality is exceptionally strong and that you have a high resistance to diseases. On the other hand, a chained line means that your health will be poor. You are going to suffer a lot of health issues in your life. The presence of an island represents a major impact to your health such as illnesses, hospitalization or accidents.

  • Head Line
  • When reading your palm, you will find that this line is representative of your mental faculties. It does not reveal the wisdom and the thinking abilities of the person but also the beliefs, attitudes and creative abilities. A line that is thin and deep means that you are a smart person. Straight lines show that you possess strong analytic abilities. You are also dedicated and practical. Curved lines mean that you are realistic, tolerant and gentle.

  • Heart Line
  • This line in palmistry governs the heart of the person. In other words, it reveals your attitudes towards love along with the quality of your love. A line, which is deep, curved, clear, unmixed, unbroken and reaches the space between the middle finger and the forefinger at least, shows that your love life and your emotions will be good. At least two forks at the end is better as it denotes that you are a responsible person who has a good heart and gives importance to friendship.

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