The Marriage Line

The marriage line is also known as the affection line or relationship line. This line normally appears below the pinkie finger on the Mount of Mercury. It presents the relationships that a person will get through in life. The deeper the line is, the better the relationships he is likely to have in life, both communication and happiness. Read the following article to understand about Palm Reading Marriage Line.

How to read Marriage Line?
Palm Reading Marriage Line
  • More than one line

If someone has several marriage lines on his hand, he will experience more than one marriage in his life. These folks do not quit any enterprise or undertaking. They are interested in collecting and hoarding items. If one of the lines is curling upwards, the owner will try to learn his purpose in life.

  • Straight and long line

A long and straight line reveals that the bearer’s marriage life will be filled with happiness.

  • Breaks in the marriage line

Any break in the marriage line shows that the owner will face a separation but end up with a happy reunion.

  • Cross

It is common to have a marriage line that meets the heart line in a horizontal manner. It means the person has been with his soul mate through many lifetimes.

  • A circle on the marriage line

When the marriage line has a circle, then the owner tends to encounter obstacles in his life. He tries to leave a lasting impression on other people when the circle appears. This occurrence also means that the owner may have been controlled by a lover from a rather young age.

  • A folk on the marriage line

A folk may be a sign of the break-up of a marriage. It can also be an indication that the person may have many problems with his children.

  • Line curves upwards

If the line curves upwards, then the crossing leads to the part of the palm between the base of the heart line and the ring finger. Marriage is an important factor in people who possess this kind of marriage line. They always want to know what the future designs for their married life.

  • Marriage line bends downwards

A line that bends downwards indicates that the owner will outlive his spouse. If there are lines that cross the marriage line but do not intersect it, then that is a reliable sign of having children in married life.

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