The Important 8 Palm Reading Lines You Must Know

Palm Reading Lines
Palm Reading Lines

By palm reading lines, most of the information can be provided about the individual. It takes years to master the art of reading these lines and interpreting them. Nonetheless, you may be interested in knowing what the different lines are in a palm and their significance in palmistry.

The Lines are:
  • Life Line
  • It is one of the 3 major lines in palmistry. It signifies the life energy and the physical vitality of the individual. Palm reading life line helps in discovering possibilities of serious illnesses or accidents in life.

  • Head Line
  • It is the second of the 3 major lines. In palm reading, this line signifies the thinking ability, attitude, belief and wisdom of the person. It also denotes the creative abilities along with the capacity to withstand strain and self-control.

  • Heart Line
  • The last of the 3 major lines in palmistry, this line is governs love. More specifically, it shows the attitude of the person to love and the quality of their love.

  • Marriage Line
  • As the name suggests, this line is responsible for the marriage aspect of the individual. Palm readers use this line to understand the condition of marriage, its quality and even the time when it will occur.

  • Fate Line
  • Also known as career line, it denotes the career and professional life on the person in palm reading.

  • Sun Line
  • In palmistry, the sun line signifies the talents, capabilities and the popularity of the person which can end up leading to success.

  • Children Line
  • Palm readers use this line to discover how many children the person can have and their status.

  • Money Line
  • This is the line which denotes the monetary success that a person will be enjoying in life.

  • Health Line
  • This line is used in palmistry to understand how good the health of the person will be.

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