The Easy Guide to What Palm Readers See In Your Palm

Palm Readers
Palm Readers

With the help of palm readers, you can gain a deeper understanding of your character, your personality and even your possible future. However, you might not really understand exactly what the reader is interpreting when looking at your palm. There are quite a few things that they consider some of which are given as follows.

The Aspects
  • The Major Lines
  • There are 3 lines on the palm which are considered in palm reading to be more important than others. They are the life, head and heart lines. They govern most of the important aspects of a person’s character and life. A free palm reading will usually concentrate on these lines.

  • The  Minor Lines
  • Apart from the major lines in palmistry, there are minor lines which govern the other aspects of the individuals. They include marriage, intuition and money among others.

  • The Mounts
  • The raised sections of the palm are known as mounts in palmistry. There are 7 recognised mounts and each of them is named after a planet. Each mount is also representative of a particular characteristic.

  • The Markings
  • The lines of your palm may have certain marks on them. These markings affect the interpretation of the lines. As a result, they have a major effect on palm reading. There are a variety of markings. Their size and their location on the lines can differ. As a result, the interpretations are linked to these features.

  • Other Types
  • The most common form of palmistry concentrates only on the palm. Be that as it may, there are other schools of thought which take other aspects of the hand into consideration during the interpretations. This can include the shape and the size of the hand. Finger palmistry is another type. Fingernail reading is also possible.

Now that you know about the different aspects, you can make better use of a free palm reading.

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