Steps for the best free palm reading online tool for you

As you probably know, the palm reading in an old practice that allows others to indicate and evaluate your future depending on palm lines, but now it’s easier than ever because you have access to a free palm reading online program that will help you know yourself better.

Read Palms Reading Palms

If you’re wondering how to read palms, you can easily do that from your home by following a few steps. Depending on your gender, you have to correctly choose your hand because the right hand of a woman shows things that she has from beginning of her life, while the left hand shows the things that she accumulated until now in her life. For men it’s reversed.
There are four major lines in your palm, so you should try to identify them:

  • First line that is: the hearth line.
  • The second that is: the head line.
  • The third that is: the life line.
  • The fourth that is: the fate line.

Let’s interpret each of them to see which one is the best for you! It is good to know that the palm reading is also known as palmistry.

The hearth line

If the hearth line begins under your index finger, it means that you are satisfied with your love life.
If it begins under your middle finger you are probably selfish when it comes to your partner (your lover).
If your hearth line begins in the middle of your palm you fall in love very easy.
If it is short and very straight you aren’t interested in love and romance.
If it touches your life line, you will are probably hearth broken easily.
If you have a long and curvy hearth line you express your feelings and emotions very easily.
You’re good with your emotions and you can handle them if your hearth line is parallel and straight to your head line.
The wavy hearth line shows that you don’t have a serious relationship, but you had and will have many lovers.
Depression and sadness are shown by a circle on the hearth line.
If your line is broken or you have other small lines that are crossing the hearth line you have emotional trauma.

The head line

If your head line is short, you probably prefer physical achievements instead of mental achievements.
If it’s curved, it means that you’re very creative.
If it doesn’t meet the life line, you’re adventurous and enthusiastic.
If it’s wavy, it shows attention span.
You have a clear thinking if your head line is long and deep.
Your thinking is very realistically if you have a straight head line.
You’re suffering of emotional crisis if you have a circle and a cross over your head line.
If your head line is broken you have inconsistencies in thought.
If you have multiple crosses over your head line you are able to make momentous decisions.

The life line

You’re often tired if your life line is placed near to your thumb.
If it’s curved you have a lot of energy.
Vitality is shown by a long and deep life line.
If your life line it’s short and little in depth you are often manipulated by other people.
If it looks like a semicircle it shows enthusiasm and strength.
You’re very cautious with your relationship if your life line is close to your palm edge.
It shows extra vitality if you have multiple life lines.
If you have a circle on your life line it means that you’re injured.
You had a sudden lifestyle change if your life line is split in two pieces.

The fate line

A deep line means that you’re controlled by fate.
You’re likely to have many changes because of external forces in your life if the line breaks and changes its direction.
You are a self-made man if your fate line starts from the same point with your life line.
If it joins your life line around middle suggests a conflict of interests.
You’re supported by your family and friends if your fate line starts from the base of the thumb and if it crosses your life line.

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