Reading Your Palm

Generally, these are many fundamentals when it comes to palmistry. Aside from the texture and lines, there are other elements that you must consider when reading your palm. It is best to read books, but you should also consider other sources of information – do not be shy to learn straight from the experts by asking them your questions.

1. The Life Line
Reading Your Palm

As you can see from its name, the life line can predict the vitality and quality of one’s life. It starts from the right side of the hand, between the thumb and forefinger, and travels toward the wrist. A curvy line indicates an energetic person while a line closer to the thumb reveals the lack of energy. Those who have more than one life line possess enormous vitality.

2. The Heart Line

The heart line, also known as the love line, originates from the left side of the palm and curves towards the index finger. If your heart line ends just below the index finger, you are satisfied with your love life. If the tip ends between the index and middle fingers, you are prone to give your heart easily. A long, curvy line denotes an emotional person while a short, straight line indicates the lack of passion in love.

3. The Head Line

The head line reflects your attitude, ability, personality, and general belief. This line extends across the palm, lying between the two remaining major lines, below the heart line and above the life line. According to palmistry theories, a short head line reveals probability of physical achievements, a curvy line indicates creativity, and a straight line exposes that you are inclined towards realistic thinking.

4. The Fate Line

The fourth major line in the palm is the fate line. It begins at the wrist, running upwards and separating your palm into two halves. It dominates the fate or more specifically, the luck of an individual. A deep fate line implies inheritance while a faint line predicts failures and a jagged line indicates the struggle. Some people do not have this line, which means they have a preplanned life and attain success with less effort.

5. The Minor Lines

This line is quite short and indicates artistic talent. One of the minor line is the Line of Mercury, which begins from the base of the palm and creates an angle towards the pinkie finger. It denotes the nervous system and represents spiritual growth. Another minor line is the Line of Sun, also known as the line of Apollo. It lies below the ring finger and above the heart line.

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