Reading Palm Lines

Palm reading may not be one hundred percent accurate; fraudulent palmists may even use old tricks to dupe new customers every day. However, most people still appreciate the art of palmistry and the way palmists use it to describe a person, the various facets of his personality and give predictions about his future. Here are some major lines and minor lines that you should consider when reading palm lines.

1. The Life Line
Reading Palm Lines

The bulge of muscle controlling the thumb is called the mount of Venus. The life line starts from the wrist to the Mount of Venus. This line reveals important events in someone’s life that occurred in the past, events that are likely to happen in the present and the ones that may take place in the future. The life line is directly related to a person’s life and death. A long, deep life line suggests a full life with health and vitality.

2. The Head Line

The head line refers to the physical and mental conditions of a person’s brain. It is directly linked to his intellectual capabilities. This line has the same root with the life line and stretches towards the Mount of Mercury. A short head line indicates a straightforward person who has a simplistic way of thought and restricted mental aims. If you have a long head line, you tend to think things carefully and thoroughly.

3. The Heart Line

One of the major lines of one’s palm is the heart line. It denotes the sexual and emotional status of a person. It also reveals a person’s ability to fall in love as well as his success in love and other kinds of relationship. A short heart line indicates a person who is interested in love and affection while a strong, deep line signifies a folk who is stable in whatever affections. A wavy, broken or chained line represents numerous affairs but, none of them is serious.

4. The Destiny Line

While reading palm lines, the type and shape of an individual’s hands plays a significant role. According to many palmists, the destiny line is the backbone of the rest of your palm lines. It deals with the fate and desire of a person.

5. The Sun Line

Beyond the four major lines above, there are minor lines on one’s palm – one of them is the sun line. This line exhibits the success of your career. It is even more prominent on the hands that have a spatula, conic, and philosophic shape.

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