Reading Hands

Reading hands is the process of reading one’s palm lines and relating it to some concepts that formed the way that person is in today’s time. Through the hand shape, one may associate few observations on his/her hand with his/her personal traits. Here are the ideas on how to read hands through the shape of the hand.

1. Earth Hand
Reading Hands

People who have broad and square palms are considered to be under the Earth element. Your hand shape is most likely seeming to have thick skin.

  • You possess a constant way of solving things. You stick to your values and looks into other activities in a stubborn way. It is your own privilege to deal with the good or bad side.
  • You may also possess the personality of being responsible. Nevertheless, you sometimes follow the materialistic goodness of life.
2. Air Hand

People who have rectangle palms are under the Air element. Some parts of the fingers may appear bulging. The thumbs are very low, and you might have a dry skin. 

  • You are very sociable and active. You are prone to discover a place without the fear of being a wallflower. People become easily at ease with you; your presence is very much appreciated.
  • If it is sometimes as moody as possible, you are likely doing things in a wild manner with your outgoing attitude. You go with a very complex way when dealing the activities you participate.
3. Water Hand

Water hand belongs to a person who has long, egg-shaped palms. The fingers are in such a way that it resembles a candlestick. The length of the palm and the fingers are closely the same.

  • People with Water hand are very creative. They are apt to incline on the art side and hence produce awesome masterpieces that appeal the spectators to their work.
  • People in this element may sometimes be very vocal about their emotions. They are prone to be sympathetic regarding an experience that has closely stolen their heart in a huge spin. This greatly shows how great heart Water element people possess.
4. Fire Hand

You are said to be under the Fire element if you have a square, rectangular palm with a very pink skin owing to too much blood flowing into it. Your fingers are small compared to your palm.

  • You are the type of individual who blurts out the things that are needed saying. You are honest in some people’s eyes with an optimistic behavior. Most people highly appreciate the optimistic side you have.
  • You are sometimes very selfish. You become impressed with just little accomplishments you have acquired. Some people may regard you as an impulsive folk. There are times when you misunderstand things and become insensitive.
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