Read Your Palm

Palmistry has become a popular divination method that is favored by many people from all over the world. People want to read their palms to foresee their future and destiny. Sometimes palmistry can supply them with useful information about their personality, strengths, weaknesses, potential talents, etc. which is especially useful in their lives. How about you? Do you want to read your palm?

There are various factors of a palm that people consider reading their palms. This article is going to dig a little bit into the significance of fingers in palmistry. Read it and do not be hesitant to share your opinions or knowledge of this art of divination.

1. Fingers

Fingers can be long, short, thin, fat, knotty, or smooth. Long fingers belong to dreamy personality while shorter ones represent physical energy. Knotty knuckles suggest a deep thinker who does not like to be rushed and tend to do everything in his own way, whereas smooth fingers denote less thought but more speed and action.

2. Open Hand

When someone opens his hand, if his fingers hold closely together, then he is a person who are likely to be fearful and contracted, lacking in self-confidence and independence. In other words, the wider the spacing between the fingers is, the more open-minded, independent, and daring the bearer is.

If your index finger points outward and is significantly apart from your ring finger, you easily get angry and cannot control your emotions when upset. However, if the index finger is spaced farther apart from the rest of your fingers, then you have strong leadership potential.

3. Thumb

If your thumb forms an obtuse angle with your index finger, you must be a gentle, practical, and sweet-tempered person. You can become a good artist or musician. If the thumb makes an acute angle with the index finger, you are prone to be lazy and spendthrift. You are also reckoned as an irresponsible person who do not often exercise and think carefully but tend to react to physical impulses. Finally, if your thumb creates a right angle with your index finger, you have a balanced mental attitude towards everything in life.

4. Finger Settings

When fingers are in a line while the top of the palm is also straight, a behavior of practicality is mentioned. A creative and sensitive person has fingers formed an arc. Many musicians and artists have their fingers set on a slope running downwards from their index fingers to the pinkie fingers.

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