Read Your Palm Lines

Major Lines

Palmistry (also referred to as Palm reading or Chiromancy) is an analysis of a person’s hands including palm lines, hands’ shapes, mounts, sizes, intersections, skin’s pattern, skin’s texture and colors, etc. in order to characterize his or her natures as well as foretelling the future prospects. What are your inborn strengths and weaknesses? How can you optimize your life by taking advantage of the self-knowledge? How comfortably will you live in the future? Is there any life obstacle that you need to deal with? How to overcome such the obstacles in the most delighted manner? What should you do to transform you life in a better direction?

Let’s Read You Palm Lines To Reveal Your Innermost Wisdom And Your Fate

The Lines Your Palm Are Not Fixed

It should be borne in mind that the lines on your palm are not fixed from birth (unlike your Zodiac sign under the light of Horoscope). Hence, they will be changed and reformed due to numerous progressive factors such as experience, maturity, practice, competence, knowledge, and so forth. Consequently, never rely solely on Palm reading! It is much wiser to take it as reference and for entertainment purposes only. Definitely, your success is determined by your own effort and improvement because it is asserted that there is no good result without trying hard and long.

Being practiced in many different cultures all over the world, modern Palmistry has dozens of different cultural variations and interpretations. Anyway, let us give you the complete instructions on how to read your palm lines in the most popular interpretation.

First of all, put your hands up, and then look closely at the palm lines on both hands! Can you see the differences between the two? Convincingly, an “active” hand (used the most) will indicate the future scenarios while the passive one will allude to the inherited traits. According to Chinese palmistry, there is a special rule named “age and gender rule” which is widely accepted by the palm readers.

For men: if you are less than 30 years old, your left hand will be read primarily while the right one is used to add some information if necessary. In case you are more than 30 years old, do the opposite.

For women: if you are less than 30 years old, your right hand will be read basically while the left one is used to supplement the analysis if needed. In case you are more than 30 years old, do the opposite.

Has anyone wondered why the Chinese take 30 years old as a milestone? It is concurred that a man’s life is affected by numerous factors like parents’ decisions, family heritage, living environment, social interaction, etc. In this period, he is unable to take control of his life by his own. However, when reaching 30 years old, he becomes a truly independent man who can make his own life decisions. In this stage, his palm lines are more stable than they did in any other time.

Now, keep your eyes on the 4 main lines: heart line, head line, life line, and fate line.

Heart line is on the top of the palm. It indicates numerous aspects of your love life such as emotional sensitivity, stability, romance, passion, attraction, flirtation, etc.

Head line is in the middle of the palm. It alludes to your brainpower, intelligence, learning style, communication skill, social interaction, belief, etc.

Life line is at the bottom of the palm. It represents your physical well-being, longevity, vitality, health, happiness, etc.

Fate line runs from the bottom to the center of the palm under the middle finger. Remember that not all people have this line. It refers to your path life and fortune to see if there is any life obstacle that you have to cope with during your lifetime.

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