Read Your Own Palm

Read Your Own Palm

Historically, Palm reading (also termed as Palmistry or Chiromancy) is rooted in Roman fortune telling and Indian astrology. The mystical combination of the two antique civilizations has made Palmistry one of the most often-heard and often-used channels of Psychic divination. For thousands of years, the number of people who are curious about their natures and fate has been increased immeasurably. As a result, a popular interest in Palm reading still persists up to now.

Be A Potential Palmist – Read Your Own Palm

The Fate Line

Generally speaking, palm reading is a fun and interesting way to gain insights by holding people’s hand. Apparently, it can make you outstanding in a circle of friends! Through studying their palms, as a potential palmist, you are able to characterize their natures, and predict their fortune as well.

A professional palmist usually begins by reading a person’s dominant hand. Which hand is the dominant one? Convincingly, it is the hand used the most frequently. In that sense, left hand is read for left-handed people while the right one is read for right-handed individuals. Always remember that each palmist will have different habits of choosing a hand to read. Thus, never rely solely on only one belief about the significance of the left hand and the right one. Wisely, both hands need to be taken into account!

Once having a hand to read, what you need to do is looking closely at the palm lines so that you can locate the 4 major lines: heart line, head line, life line, and fate line. It is worth bearing in mind that each line represents different areas of life. Now, equipped yourself with the basic interpretations of the 4 lines’ attached meanings!

The heart line (on the top of the palm) is read from the edge of the palm beneath the pinkie towards the thumb. Primarily, it alludes to your love, relationship, and other emotional concerns.
The head line (in the middle of the palm) is read from the edge of the palm below the index finger towards the outside edge. Originally, it refers to your wisdom, brainpower, and other intellectual activities.
The life line (at the bottom of the palm) is read from the edge of the palm above the thumb towards the wrist. Basically, it indicates your longevity, vitality, and other physical health matters.
The fate line (not everybody has this line) is read from the bottom of the palm towards the middle finger. Principally, it represents how your fortune or life path will be influenced by numerous uncontrollable forces.

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