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Palmistry is perhaps the simplest method of divination that has appealed to people for centuries. When reading palms, most people pay much more attention to the lines. In fact, other factors of our hand are worth considering since they provide important information about our character, energy, and strength. As a result, before analyzing the lines of the hand, we should take a few moments looking at the hand’s size, consistency, flexibility, as well as the texture of the skin.

Read Palm

The size of your hand is another important indicator of your character. If your hands are small, then you are prone to act quickly and perhaps impulsively. In general, people with small hands are free, independent-minded thinkers. These ambitious individuals are always eager to do something but only to the surface level. Some of them have a big ego and trouble relaxing.

On the contrary, people with large hands are likely to be methodical and gravitational towards small things. These broad-minded people prefer details and prefer to go in depth on every subject. Big hands are often seen on mathematicians, watchmakers, computer programmers, and others who are drawn to detailed work. Medium is the best size for hands in palmistry because this is the balance quality of small hand and large hand.

The width of an individual’s hands also reveals his or her personality. People with broad hands are tolerant, broad-minded, and interested in new trends and concepts. In contrast, narrow hands belong to people who tend to have a narrow, restricted worldview (this is accentuated if their hands are stiff and hard).


People with red hands are greatly robust, active, and aggressive but also quick-tempered. If some parts of your palm suddenly turn into reddish, you may face with problems related to blood pressure. If your palm is deep red, you may suffer from a nerve in your life.

Yellow or jaundiced hands reveal that you possess a pessimistic outlook. Yellowish palm may refer to less blood in the body, or the bearer might have a liver-related disease.

Well-balanced people may have pink hands. This is the best color for a well-adjusted and healthy person. Palmists have claimed that pink is the optimal color for our palm because it signifies good health.

Pale white, bluish or gray palm mean that the blood is moving slowly in your body. Black line emphasizes a trait of a person as grave, distant, haughty and vengeful.

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