There is a sacred art that was initiated 5000 years ago by the ancient people of China and India. It is used to predict one’s future by analyzing the lines on his palms. The art of reading palms is called chiromancy or palmistry. It is usually known as the study of lines and signs on the hands. Pieces of historical evidence reveal that the Egyptians and Babylonians also used palmistry to predict the future.

What To Know About Palmistry?

Believe or not, your palm can tell a lot about your wealth, health, relationships, hidden potentials, and many more. Nowadays, there are palmistry schools that supply training programs for those who want to study about human’s hands. Any person interested in palmistry can sign up the courses and learn how to read palms. If you are just an amateur who learns palmistry for entertainment, then you do not need many specific skills. Everything you need is a pinch of patience to read the basics and understand them.

Today, most of the people consider palmistry as either a hobby or profession. There are two essential facts you need to bear in mind while reading a palm: the lines and mounts of the palm as well as the name of different parts of the palm. The palm of each person is unique and so are their lines.

How To Read Your Own Palm

Many people believe in the explanations of the palm lines. Some people practice palmistry as a hobby while others follow it for spiritual purposes. Hidden facts about your life can be revealed with the help of palmistry. Each of the lines has a certain meaning of their own. For example, the marriage line indicates your spousal relationship while the life line tells about the life vitality. There are four major lines (the life line, head line, heart line, fate line) and many minor lines (marriage line, children line, travel line, health line, bracelet line, Apollo line, Mars line, Mercury line, and so on).

Which Palm Should Be Read

The first step in palmistry is determining the palm to be read. Even though there are different assumptions, a popular tip is to analyze both the left hand and right hand. According to palm reading, the left side denotes potentiality while the right side indicates personal talent and characteristics. In Chinese palmistry, men below 30 years old read their left hand while women are advised to read their right hand.

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