Palmistry Palm Reading

Palmistry is one of the most popular and simple methods to predict a person’s life and personality. Everybody can read palm to have an overall glance of what the future stores for them. There is a certain technique that makes this art accurate and dependable. Professional palmists can read each line and print comprehensively. However, the art of palm reading is not a secret. Here are some basics of palmistry palm reading.

What to know about palmistry palm reading?
Palmistry Palm Reading

There are four major lines in a palm: the heart line, life line, head line, and fate line.

  • The heart line is on the top of one’s palm, right under the four fingers. It stands for the emotions and relationships of the owner. Depending on its length and position, people can tell whether the person is satisfied with love or whether he does not have a serious relationship.
  • The head line is below the heart line. It starts from the base between the thumb and index finger, extending toward the edge of the palm. It is all about intellect and knowledge. This line can reveal the ability of an individual, like whether he is more prone to art or science.


  • The life line is parallel the head line. It is about wellness, life changes, and the physical ability of the owner. It can indicate the energy level of one person. This line can also reveal sudden changes in the lifestyle.
  • The fate line is about external factors. Sometimes it can be called the destiny line. The fate line describes an individual’s vulnerability to external factors.

Though these four major lines can give an overall idea about a person, the shape of the hand can tell a little more. Hand shapes are divided into earth, air, water, and fire. Those possessing earth hand are responsible and strong-willed. Air hand belongs to sociable, talkative, and shallow people. On the other hand, those who have a water hand are famous for their creativity. Finally, those with fire hand are described as spontaneous and optimistic people.

These fundamentals can help beginners in palmistry palm reading. But if you use it without a firm background then you have to take cautious of whatever result. Only a guru can provide a palm reading through palmistry. Besides, they read not only the palm but also the fingers as well. Last but not least, remember that lines on the palm can change through time, and thus anything learned from palmistry should be used only as guidance, not as a piece of advice on how to live life.

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