Palmistry Chart Relationship Line

Palmistry Chart Relationship Line

It is sure that the marriages are made in heaven, and the lines on our palm will reveal a lot about our love life. We all know that marriage will tie two strange people in just one knot. As a result, the successful marriage implies the deep bond between couples.

On a regular basis, the marriage line or the relationship line on the palm may foretell a lot about our conjugal life. It tends to forecasts the love as well as affection of 2 individuals. For the accurate results, we are advised to take the mounts of Venus and Heart line into account before making any prediction about it.

How To Know The Age Of Our Material Life?

Look at our palm, and then pay attention to the small line located underneath the little finger, and above the point of the Heart line. Yes, that is a Marriage line.

In order to identify the age of marriage, it may be calculated via the distance from the Heart line to the bottom of the pinky, in which the distance being estimated can be 50 years.

If the marriage line is situated at the middle of this distance, it signifies that the material life is about 25 years of age. Plus, the nearer the marriage line to the heart line is, the earlier the age of conjugal life is.

Some Positive Indications of the Successful Marriage

  • A clear and long line without presence of island or any break will denote an extremely happy marital life or a long and contented relationship.
  • It is worth keeping in mind that only strong line can imply the marriage. Thus, the presence of a few tiny lines nearby the deep line only reveals the romantic bond.
  • The relative depth of the relationship with 2 individuals at the same time will be identified by the strength of the Marriage line.
  • If the Marriage line starts with a fork, it can be a sign of frustration or delay at the beginning of a relationship.
  • In case the line tends to end with a fork, it discloses the possible end with separation or divorce.
  • In case it is crossed by the girdle of Venus, it signifies that the questioner’s partner is nagging.

Of course, these interpretations should be used for consulting only! The perspective about whether we live in a blissful and wonderful marriage or not will be dependent on we and our sweetheart only. No one and nothing can force us to do anything, remember!

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