Palm Readings

The tradition of palmistry broke through in various cultures for centuries. Palm readings nowadays became extremely popular in many parts of the globe. The guide below offers some common basics that will help you learn how to read palms. Within a lot of effort in practice, you will be able to tell the future.

1. The Mount of Venus
Palm Readings

This mount is just under the thumb. A flat Venus mount refers to an egoistic, dispassionately cold person who lacks vitality. Any person who is warm, generous, engaging, and enjoys an active social life will have a well-developed mount. If the mount is over-developed, the owner may be selfish, arrogant, and horribly proud.

2. The Mount of Jupiter

This mount is located below the index finger. A flat mount predicts a dull person who lacks confidence. If the Jupiter mount is big, the owner is optimistic in his thoughts, honest with himself and others, sociable and honorable with outstanding leadership achievements. An overly big Jupiter mount belongs to a person who is extremely greedy and never satisfied with pleasures. A short line on this mount is an indication of a lot of fortune.

3. The Mount of Saturn

This mount is placed under the middle finger. If this mount is well extensive, it means the bearer thirsts for knowledge and has an admirable sense of responsibility. An overly extensive Saturn mount associated with long fingers represents a person who is aloof, cold, and introverted. If you do not have this mount, then you are pleasantly optimistic and outgoing.

4. The Mount of Sun

This mount is situated beneath the ring finger. If the Apollo mount is well expansive, the object is warm, enthusiastic, and optimistic. If the mount is overly expansive, it indicates an insensitive person who likes to hear his own voice. If the Sun mount seems flat, the owner may be cynic and has no appreciation for the blessing things in life.

5. The Mount of Mercury

This mount is right below the pinky finger. A large mount describes a person who is a genuine go-getter with a desire for discovery. An overly large Mercury mount exposes that this individual is a smooth talker who can lie apparently without being caught. A  flat mount symbolizes a shy person who does not have much self-confidence.

6. The Mount of Moon

On the opposite side of the thumb, there is a mount lying at the base of the palm – that is the Moon mount. A well-developed mount denotes a bearer who is creative, caring, compassionate, and has an incredible passion for life. A flat mount stands for empathetic and imaginative characteristics.

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