Palm Readings

If you are interested in palmistry, a free online palm reading is a good choice for you. Unlike tarot card reading websites or other divination sites, these palm readings offer a bunch of information. Nonetheless, it is up to you to do the work they provide. Understand the fact that it is difficult to read palms on the internet, many websites now offer quizzes to help perceive the different features of your palm.

Palm reading websites supply some of the information necessary for you to be able to read your own palm (or someone else’s). While you are looking for a palm reading chart, it is best to look at a few sites to get a concept for what is out there. Here are some of the better sites that offer palm readings for free:

1. Sailor-Games
How To Read Hands?

This website is great for those who want to get palm readings quickly. Instead of having to read a ship of information before getting started, you can choose to read palm readings that are presented in a quiz format by Sailor-Games. As a result, as a reader, all you have to do is to look at your palm and answer the questions as correct as possible. Select the answers that seem relevant to your palm from multiple choices. Your results will be shown in a box to the right.

2. Ofesite

Another great site is Ofesite, which introduces the full picture of palmistry. This site also offers a quiz feature like Sailor-Games. Besides, it has full pages interpreting the information surrounding them. You can find special pages for the shape of your hands (very important in palm reading) or pages specialized to each line itself. The site has images on all pages to help you figure things out. It also allows you to send a photo of your hand to one of the readers; however, be careful since many palm lines can be difficult to see in scan form. Furthermore, you can take a multiple choice quiz and receive your results emailed to you for free.

3. Find Your Fate

Find Your Fate is another ideal option for palm readings. The eight-question palm line quiz is a fun and fast way to obtain a reading. You need to answer multiple choice questions to get a detailed analysis at the end. Find Your Fate is a simple option for a quick palm reading without supporting detail or information.

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