Palm Reading Quiz

Palm reading is an ancient and reliable tool for offering superior and personalized guidance for your life journey. Are you looking for answers to your most troubling questions related to your wealth, relationships, or life purpose? Are you striving to connect with your own Inner Guidance? Read the Palm Reading Quiz below to receive answers to your most pressing concerns and questions.

Questions about Palm Reading
Palm Reading Quiz

Q: What if a person do not have marriage line in both palms? Will he/she never get married?
A: The absence of marriage line does not mean that the individual would not get married. There are also other signs indicating marriage. Many people have no marriage line in both palms, and they have not just one but two marriages.

Q: What happens if a person has more than one marriage line in palms? Will he/she marry two or three times?
A: The owner of two or three marriage lines would not marry two or three times. Instead, he will be having trouble in getting married. The strongest line is the marriage line; it indicates marriage in this period. But if two lines are strong, yes the person may get marry two times or involve in an extramarital affair.

Q: What does it mean when marriage line meets heart line?
A: This is not a good sign at all since there are chances of loss of partners. If the strong marriage line is too close or touches the heart line, the bearer may get married in childhood.

Q: What happens if the marriage line goes upward to the pinkie finger?
A: There are chances that the owner may not get married.

Q: I have a significance of signs on my marriage line. Is this good?
A: Most of the signs are not good. They reveal heal issues of your partner and a bad relationship between you both. In some cases, good signs represent good marriage.

Q: Am I OK because I have minor lines going down from my marriage line?
A: I am sorry, but you are not OK at all. This indicates health problems for your partner. You should take care of him/her.

Q: What happens when my marriage line is cut by any influence line?
A: This is not good. It reveals separation from your partner due to any reason.

Q: What are indications for a good married life?
A: If your marriage line is strong, straight, not having any bad sign and other major lines are good, you will then can experience good married life. More specially, if your marriage line is touching the sun line, you will be marrying a rich, famous person.

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