Palm Reading Love Line

When falling in love with someone, we certainly want to discover something around this person. Along with some exciting ways such as reading horoscope, interpreting the meanings of Tarot cards or gazing at the crystal balls, one of the simple and effective ways that can reveal our love life is reading our palm. Although this method is known as an ancient art, it has still gained in popularity these days.

Which hand should we use to read?

Palm Reading Love Line

Of course, when it comes to Palm reading, one of the obvious queries asked by lots of people will be: Which hand should they need to interpret? There are 2 answers to this question: It depends and Both. It means that we are able to use our own two hands or one of them in order to carry out Palmistry. In general, most of us will have 2 types of hands: the active hand and the passive one. The active hand of a right-handed person will be his right hand, and his left hand will be considered as the passive hand. Similarly, the active hand of a left-handed person will be his left hand, and the right hand will be his passive hand. Normally, the passive hand is interpreted for the inheritable characteristics and potential, and the active one is read for the changes to these inheritable personality traits. According to some old sources, when the lines on the active and passive hands are totally different, it signifies that this person will be described to be dynamic, active and flexible towards self-development. After that, don’t forget to consider the sizes of our hands. Normally, the large hands will indicate that this individual is apt to spend much time in thinking, rather than acting. On the other hand, a person with the small hands has a tendency to be more active. He will surely spend less time in thinking about what he has to do. How about the shape of the palm? There are all of 4 main shapes of the hands, and these are relevant to the 4 elements including Air, Fire, Earth and Water. As soon as we consider the length of the palm, remember that we will have a square palm if its vertical and horizontal measurements seem to be approximately equal. Besides, we can possess a long palm if its vertical measurement is longer than its horizontal one. Fingers will be considered to be long if the length of the middle finger tends to be equal or greater than three-quarters of the length of the palm. On the other hand, fingers will be considered to be short if the length of the middle finger tends to be less or shorter than three-quarters of the length of the palm.

Palm reading – discover the Love line

Palm Reading Love Line

The Love line or Heart line is the line running from the edge of the palm, and making the curve towards the index finger. How many Love lines will we have on our hand? Obviously, most of the people possess only one Love line. To be considered as one of the major lines (the Life line, the Head line, the Heart line and the Fate line) in Palmistry, this line will give us a glimpse of our love life. It means that the Heart line can be described as an indicator of how we deal with the matters of heart or how we feel when falling in love. Normally, a line that begins below the index finger will reveal that we are really happy with our love life. If the line locates between the middle finger and index finger, it signifies that we have a tendency to be easily charmed by someone. A long line will represent our passion and emotion while a short one will disclose our lack of interest and care in a relationship.

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