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In reference to Palm reading or Palmistry, it is concurred that it is an ancient practice based on some signals or cues from a person’s palm lines or hands’ shapes in order to guess, interpret, and reveal the locked information about his or her personality and fortune. Whether you are born with a good fortune or an ill one, it will be shown in your own hands. In that sense, more and more people take for granted that their future will be on their own hands for better or worse. Thanks to palm reading, they will gain self-exploration and foreknowledge so that they will be empowered to make some necessary changes of life. In a paranormal film Eat Pray Love (2010), the main character named Julia Roberts has successfully transformed her life into a better one. Now, it is your turn to be the next person to say “YES” to life transformation via Palm reading!

Palm Reading And The Meaning Of The 4 Major Lines

The Four Major Lines

Everyone who is on the quest for palm reading is advised to concern themselves with the 4 major lines: heart line, head line, life line, and fate line. Along with that, never concern yourself with the shallow and thin lines which will increase the odds of unwanted confusion and dissatisfaction. Leave them for the professional palmists! Now, put your “dominant hand” up (the hand used the most), and look closely at the 4 important lines as follows:

The first line is the heart line which is on the top of the palm. According to some experienced palmists, this line is read from the edge of the palm under the pinkie towards the thumb. Mystically, it refers to some notable traits of a person’s love life such as romance, flirtation, desire, passion, attraction, emotional stability, sensitivity, etc. Thus, the line will give you the answers to some love questions like: Will I live in happiness? How smoothly will my love flow? Can I find my true half / life mate? How compatible will my love be?

The second line is the head line which is in the middle of the palm. The professional palmists say that this line is read from the edge of the palm under the index finger towards the outside edge. Traditionally, it represents some prominent features of a person’s lifestyle such as communication skill, learning style, brainpower, memorization, intelligence, social connection, etc. Hence, the line will have your brain-relating questions answered. Some of the most often-heard questions are Will I ever be successful? Will I ever be rich? How comfortably will I live in the future? What are my intellectual strengths? How can I optimize them in order to gain promotion?

The third line is the life line which is at the bottom of the palm. In some traditions, this line is read from the edge of the palm above the thumb towards the wrist. Convincingly, it alludes to some noteworthy information about a person’s general well-being such as physical health, longevity, life-span, vitality, power, etc. Therefore, the line can be taken into account to answer some questions like How long will I live? When will I die? Who will remember me when I pass away? Is there any serious problem with my health? What should I do to lengthen my life-span?

The fourth line is the fate line which can be found from the bottom of the palm near the wrist towards the middle finger. Remember that not everyone has this line! It represents some particular points about a person’s path life and fate such as career, promotion, study, success, business, etc. associated with the possible troubles that he or she has to deal with.

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