Palm Reading Guide

The shape of our hand, fingers, thumb, lines and mounts on the palm provide an insight into the personalities of our nature as well as our future. It is worth noticing that these features of the hand changes with times. That is why it is often believed that our fate is in our hands. Do you know how to read palms? Read Palm Reading Guide right now.

Which hand should be seen?
Palm Reading Guide

1. Many palmists agree that it is the dominant hand of one person that reveals information about his personal traits. Furthermore, we take action by our dominant hand. Thus, our actions – karmas, which are combined with our personal traits, determine our future. Therefore, there is a need to analyze the palm of the dominant hand.
2. Traditional palmists believe that we should read the right hand of the male and the left hand of the female.
3. According to the scientific viewpoint, both the right and left hands should be read. When one hand is dominant, it does not mean the other hand does not work at all.

It is also said that while the left hand reveals the natural traits of the character and personality of the bearer, his right hand indicates how he uses his inborn traits into actions. This theory inverses in case of left-handed people.

Crucial features of the palm that need studying
  • Texture and flexibility
  • The texture and flexibility of the front and back of the hand denote the nature of the person. The coarse texture and stiffness reveals the tough nature while a soft textured and flexible hand imply a sensitive personality.

  • Color
  • The shade or color of the blood flowing through the palm indicates the health of the object. A pinkish hue reveals health, yellow displays excessive bile production while blue signifies problems in blood circulation.

  • Nails
  • The long nails point to a creative person while square nails indicate orderliness and discipline.

  • Mounts
  • There are some mounts on the palm. Their names, features, and personal traits are the same as in Astrology. They are the mounts of Mercury, Venus, Apollo, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Moon.

  • Lines
  • Lines are the most crucial feature of palm reading. There are the lines of head, heart, life, and fate. The characteristics of lines are associated with the features of the ruling planets as well as the mounts placed close to them. For instance, the fate line is also called the line of Saturn. The line of emotion is associated with the mount of Mercury.

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