Palm Reading Children

Palm Reading Children

Palm Reading Children is used to foresee everything about the children who may appear and play a certain role in your life. The Children Lines are marked upright lines that can be found above the Marriage Lines. Press the edge of your palm where these line are located to see which of these small lines appear the most clearly. They are sometimes extremely deeply marked, and much more so on women’s hand than on men’s.

What to know about the Children Lines?

The Children Lines are any vertical lines below the little finger or between both little and ring finger, indicating the children in your life. These lines can stand aloofly or root out of love lines or marriage lines, showing births that are the result of corresponding relationships. They indicate the number of children you are likely to have in your life. To figure out the number of children you will have, you need to count these lines from the edge of the hand towards the palm.

Sometimes, the children who appear on your palm are not necessarily your offspring. Any child with whom you have a special bond will be reflected on your palmistry life map. They can be a Grandchild, Godchild, neighbor’s child, foster child, niece or nephew, etc.

Children lost to stillbirth or miscarriage can also be indicated on the hand. These lines will look fainter, shorter, or broken. Live Children Lines can also be broken if the child is facing a health issue. Let’s consider a vertical children line as an upright person. The top of the line is the child’s head while the bottom is the feet. So, if there is any break in your lines, you should pay attention to your child’s health indications. Is the mark on the neck, head, chest, stomach, or leg? It would be the location where your child has a health concern.

How to read the Children Lines?
Broad lines Male children
Fine, narrow lines Female children
Faint or crooked Delicate children
Clear, deep lines Strong and healthy children
One line appears longer than the rest Child denoted by the line will be dearer and closer to the parents
The first part is marked with an Island Child will be very delicate in his/her early life.
Line ends or breaks at Island Child’s growth may be retarded.
Children Lines appear on a man’s hand He will be exceptionally fond of children.

Palm Reading Children is used to foresee everything about the children who may appear and play a certain role in your life. Read about the Children Lines here!

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