Palm Reading Chart

Palm Reading Chart

Each and every line on your palm represents your past, present, and the future. In order to interpreter the meaning of your palm lines, you need to possess a deep knowledge of palmistry. Palm reading is a sacred art of reading one’s life, which considers not only the lines of his palm but also the shape of hands and that of the nails. Read Palm Reading Chart to understand more about this art.

1. The Mounts
Name of Mounts



Mount of Venus

Below the thumb

Love, aesthetic sense, physical beauty

Mount of Jupiter

Below the index finger

Ambition, enthusiasm, emotion, fortune, leadership qualities, inclination towards education and religion

Mount of Saturn

Below the middle finger

Hard work, patience, practicality, wisdom, stability, resolution

Mount of Apollo

Below the ring finger

Creativity, compassion, energy, success, vitality

Mount of Mercury Below the little finger

Wit, communication and business skills, shrewdness, versatility

2. The Fingers
Name of Fingers





Linked with Mars, it is a symbol of power, energy, and capacity on the basis of logic and reasoning. The adaptive capacity of one person depends on the flexibility of his thumb. The more flexible the thumb is, the more easy-going one’s nature is. The more rigid the thumb is, the more stubborn the owner is. Owners of narrow thumbs tend to use diplomacy in their relations with others. The length of the thumb determines your faithfulness. People with long thumbs are faithful to themselves and others.

Index finger


Linked with Jupiter, it is an indicator of ambition, expansion, emotion, energy, self-confidence, ability, and concentration. If it is far away from the middle finger, the owner has leadership qualities. If it is close, then the person is hesitant to make decisions and is led easily.
Middle finger

Earth Linked with Saturn, it represents the planet of justice. This finger implies the conscious and unconscious parts of the self. It also reveals being stable, responsible, and well grounded. A very long or very short middle finger denotes an imbalance in the way you see yourself and the way you communicate with other people on levels of authority.
Ring finger


The ring finger is also called the finger of Apollo; it is linked with Saturn. It stands for creative expression, action, spirituality, initiative and emotional vitality.

Little finger

Air The pinky is linked with Mercury – the planet of communication. It refers to sexuality and close contact with others as well as financial matters, communication, inventiveness, and mental freedom.
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