Palm Reading Chart – Marriage Line

Someone even believes that the lines on palm are a small map of their destiny! In general, the widespread use of Palm Reading Chart can help to determine our palm lines easily and exactly. Even if some lines seem to be faint, they are still discovered with the help of the chart.

When it comes to conjugal happiness, it is said to be defined by the little lines found underneath the edge of our little finger. Believe it or not, the closer the lines can be to the edge, the later our marital horizon will be secured. Dozens of the insightful interpretations about the marriage lines can be clearly seen on the Internet or the guidebook. Through digging deep into the concealed secrets of our marriage, we are totally able to keep the thrill of love after marrying. However, try to keep in mind that our happiness is made by our own and our partner!

Palm Reading & The Marriage Line Explained

Palm Reading Chart – Marriage Line

According to palm reading diagram, this marriage line is not often as deeply etched into the hand as the heart line or the life line. One of the theories here is that because palm lines can change during the lifetime, the line can be differently read at various stages of one’s life.

A spouse, for instance, is accidentally killed. At that time, another spouse could fall in love and get married again. At that time, the marriage line will surely reflect this. It tends to be located in the mount of Mercury – the point of personality! The following are its step-by-step interpretations:

  • If the line owns the vertical slash marks, this uncovers children and number. For instance, 1 slash mark means 1 kid while 2 slash marks mean 2 kids.
  • Is there more than 1 marriage line? Then, it indicates that a person will have more than 1 wedded life. The deepest line implies the most meaningful marriage.
  • Is there a fork at the end of the line? This reveals that the marital life can end in death or divorce.
  • In case the line has parallel lines which run next to it, then this disclose infidelity. The questioners might have another relationship outside of their marriage.
  • If the line curves down and then touches the heart line, this indicates someone who has heartbreak very tied to their conjugal lives.


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