Palm Reading

Palm reading is a useful method for people to foresee their future. Nowadays, palmistry has officially recognized as one of the accurate divination methods to foretell one’s life, career, family, health, relationship, and so on. Let’s discover two of the three major lines that are often read by seekers from all around the world.

1. Life Line
How To Read Hands?

People usually suppose that the life line tells how long you would be able to live. In fact, the life line indicates the quality of your life. It also represents the amount of strength, energy, and vitality you have for life.

The life line is considered as the most controversial line in palm reading. It initiates from the edge of the palm near the thumb and extends towards the wrist, forming an arc.

This line represents the physical health, vigor and overall wellbeing of the bearer. It also indicates the changes in life are the results of physical injuries, relocations or cataclysmic events.

  • People with a chained life line often have delicate health.
  • A person with a desire for travel often has life line that is swinging outwards.
  • A person who has a life line that runs close to the thumb does not have a passion for life.
  • A person with a curvy life line is definitely someone who is passionate about life and lives life to the maximum.
  • If the head line is more visible than the life line, it reveals that the owner is more mentally active than physically.
2. Head Line

The head line begins at the edge of the palm below the index finger and stretches across the palm towards its outer edge. This line often joins the life line at the inception. It indicates the mental state of a person. Is he interested in studying? Is he creative and analytical, communicative and intellectual? Contrary to popular beliefs, the head line reveals how a person thinks, not how intelligent they are. This line often ends somewhere beneath the ring finger.

  • Short Head Line
  • The head line is usually found in a person who thinks simply and directly to the point.

  • Long Head Line
  • This line is commonly found in people who think and give a lot of thought before taking action on everything.

  • Straight Head Line
  • It is commonly found in people who value and apply clear, concentrated thinking. They are also happy when things are solved and handled practically.

  • Curved Head Line
  • People who like to create and apply new ideas will possess a curved head line. These people are likely to be creative.

  • Chained Head Line
  • People with a chained head line are highly strung intellectually as well as emotionally.

  • Forked Head Line
  • If someone has a forked head line, it indicates that this person can see things from more than one point of view.

  • Floating Head Line
  • Anyone who has a carefree will possess a floating head line. They just do whatever they like and do not care about what others may think of them.

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