Palm Fortune Teller

What do you know about the relationship between the art of Palm reading and the Fortune Teller?

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Palm reading or Palmistry is known as the study of reading the lines, shapes, sizes, etc. on the palm. According to some old sources, this art has its origin in India over 3000 years ago. Though Palmistry has its age in the long time, it has still gained in popularity nowadays. Palm reading can be carried out by a so-called Fortune Teller who is gifted with the extrasensory ability. In general, she will use her gift to interpret the lines and patterns in our palm. If her predictions come true, we can get lots of fascinating insights into some events of our past, present and future. Coupled with the lines, there are also several other factors that can be considered in palm reading including our hand’s shape, the lengths and shapes of our fingers, how flexible our hand and fingers are, the position of the thumb and so on. Traditionally, a Fortune Teller would examine some prominent characteristics of the nails, fingertips, color and texture of the skin on the palm.

Palmistry and Fortune Telling

Palm reading is not considered to be foretelling. A Fortune Teller will carry out Palmistry based on the available lines and outstanding characteristics on our palm. She can not give us some wrong details about our lines’ mysteries unless she is a fake one because each line possesses its own and specific meaning. The original purpose of Palmistry was to give people the advice and counseling. Our emotional tendencies, conscious awareness, subconscious fears, social attitudes, strengths and weaknesses will be reflected with the help of the palm reading. Moreover, in some cases, this art is somewhat able to help us take a glance of our future. It is sure that we are not totally able to make the actual and accurate predictions with palmistry since the lines on our palm can be changed over time.

A brief snapshot of Palmistry diagram

Palm Fortune Teller

To be known as one of the basic branches of Psychic readings, people are fond of reading their hands in order to detect some clear and hidden secrets about themselves. Generally, a Fortune Teller will use a palm-reading diagram to make some certain predictions. Today, there are various schools of Palmistry, so the methods of interpretation will be diverse. Overall, 3 basic schools of palmistry can be Indian, Greek and Chinese palmistry.

The lines on the palm

Most of us will possess all 4 major lines involving the Heart line, the Head line, the Life line and the Fate line. Each major line will reveal some aspects in our line.

– The Heart line will represent our emotion

– The Head line will indicate what we are thinking

– The Life will disclose our vitality

– The Fate will tell about our luck

The mounts on the palm

These are the “mounts” below each finger. On our palm, there will be some main mounts including

– Mount of Venus (situated below the thumb)

– Mount of Jupiter (situated below the forefinger)

– Mount of Saturn (situated below the middle finger)

– Mount of Apollo (situated below the ring finger)

– Mount of Mercury (situated at the base of the pinky)

– Mount of the Moon or Luna Mount (situated at the low part towards the end of the palm, below the thumb)

>The shapes of hands

There are 4 typical shapes of hands involving

– The Earth hand, square fingers, square palm and rough skin

– The Air hand, long fingers, rectangular palm and dry skin

– The Fire hand, square palm and pink skin

– The Water hand, long and flexible fingers and short oval-shaped palm

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