Learn Of the 3 Amazing Major Lines In Hand Palm Reading

Hand Palm Reading
Hand Palm Reading

During a hand palm reading, you will come across terms such as major lines and minor lines. These refer to the lines present on your palm. Those lines are categorized into minor and major based on the importance of their role in your life. There are only 3 lines which are considered to be major. These lines and their roles are mentioned below.

The Major Lines
  • The Life Line
  • The life line does not represent your longevity as the name might suggest. Instead, it is associated with your physical vitality along with the life energy that you possess. The line will denote your propensity for developing serious illnesses or accidents in your life. In your hand palm, this line starts from the edge of the palm between the thumb and the index finger and ends somewhere near the base of the thumb.

  • The Head Line
  • In palmistry, this line is representative of your wisdom, attitude and belief. It also governs your capacities for creativity, thinking and strain along with your abilities of self-control and memory among others. Like the life line, it starts between the index finger and the thumb on the edge of the palm but passes somewhere in the middle of the palm instead of ending at any edge

  • The Heart Line
  • The heart line, in palmistry, will represent the love aspect of your life such as you attitude towards love along with its quality. It can also show whether your marriage or love life will be a smooth one or not. This line can also show you if your affection will be deep or shallow. The heart line starts below the little finger above the head line. It continues somewhat parallel to it and ends underneath the index finger, the middle finger or the middle point between these two lines.

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