Interesting Facts about the 4 Hand Types In Hand Reading

Hand Reading
Hand Reading

You can get a hand reading for a variety of reasons. It can be a great way to discover more about your personality, characteristics and life. There are many factors which are taken into account during a reading such as the lines, the mounts and even the kind of hands. There are 4 kinds of hands recognized in palmistry. They are given below along with their significance.

The Hands
  • Earth Hands
  • These hands tend to be wide and have square fingers and palms. The skin will be rough or thick with a ruddy appearance. In hand palm reading, these hands signify that the person is level-headed and practical. These people tend to be conservative and love to remain outdoors. They would prefer going out and experience things instead of simply learning about them.

  • Air Hands
  • In these hands, the palms can be rectangular or square but the fingers are long. They tend to have knuckles that protrude with low thumbs. In palmistry, these hands show that the person is an intellectual. They are full of ideas and very curious. As such, they tend to filled with nervous energy making them prone to worries. While they are great at communication, they tend to keep their feelings bottled up inside.

  • Water Hands
  • The palm is short and oval sometimes while the fingers are long and flexible. Water hands in palmistry represent that the person is highly emotional. They can be very artistic and are motivated by feelings. However, they find it hard to overcome stress.

  • Fire Hands
  • The palm will be a square or rectangle with shorter fingers. Palm length is greater than finger length here. Palmistry defines people with fire hands as energetic. They require variety but can be impatient. They are capable of being great leaders. They also tend to have a fierce individualistic streak in them.

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