How To Read Your Palm

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In learning palmistry, it is advisable to start with overall observations. Palms have small lines that collectively have a meaning. Every small line refers to something, such as congeniality, gentleness, refinement, and sensitivity. Broken lines may reveal a dramatic life. How to read your palm? Let’s discover it right now!

How to read my own palm?

Firstly, we should understand the four major lines because these lines determine the person.

  • The life line embraces the thumb and runs toward the wrist. It reveals the bearer’s way of living. It can tell whether you are the energetic type or the cautious one. If your life line is long, then you will enjoy a long lifetime with excellent health. In contrast, the short one indicates someone who is easily controlled by others.
  • The second line is the heart line, which is all about your emotions and perspective about love. Not only can it indicate your emotions, but it also can imply the state of your physical heart. This line is placed horizontally on your palm, at the upper section nearest the fingers.
  • When you read your palm, you will observe the head line to know your intellect and mental ability. This line is below the heart line. If your head line is a little curvy, this means you are more inclined to art. When it is straight, you are likely to be interested in science. If you have branches at the end of your head line, you are endowed with literature and writing.
  • The fourth line that crosses all the others is the fate line. Somebody may not have this line. It tells how much you are influenced by external factors. In this case, external factors are destiny, and that is why the fate line is also called the destiny life. If you are lucky enough to have this line, you will receive favors from other people during your life.

When we read our palm, the second aspect to which we need to pay attention is the flexibility of hands.

  • Firm hands imply people who are tough and persistent. They are very reliable since they fulfill things on time. They may be harsh, however.
  • Soft hands belong to people who are sensual, magnetic, and impressionable. It is easy to communicate with people with soft hands. They may help you with projects and ideas. Someone with soft hands is easy-going. Nevertheless, if his hand is too soft, he is prone to be lazy.
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