How To Read Your Own Palm

In traditional palmistry, it is advisable to look into the dominant hand when reading. In Chinese palmistry, men are recommended to observe their left hand during palm reading. Women, on the other hand, are suggested to analyze the lines in their right hand. Nevertheless, some gurus believe that reading both hands is much better. No matter which hand you choose to read, you need to learn basics of palmistry. Do you know how to read your own palm? Let’s talk about it today!

Tips to read your own palm
How To Read Your Own Palm

There are studies claiming that the left-hand reveals one’s personality. It implies an individual’s traits and characteristics. The right hand, on the other hand, denotes that person’s skills, talents, and abilities. Therefore, if you want to understand better about yourself, you may opt to read your both hands.

  • The heart line is on the top of one’s palm. It reveals the emotional life of a person. It also portraits his ability to accept relationships and how he reacts to love events. In a word, this line describes the things related to someone’s heart like love and friendship.
  • The head line denotes a person’s mental state. It points out the intellectual capacity as well as certain mental problems that an individual may possess.
  • The life line is the curvy line that embraces your thumb. It describes your health and longevity. It allows you to look into your life span and how certain things affect your life.
  • The fate line starts at the end of the Life line and crosses the palm. It is also called the destiny line or the line of Saturn. This line indicates a person’s success regarding the material goods he has acquired. The success of the object was gauged in terms of the material things he owns.
  • The marriage line represents your relationships and love affairs until marriage. This line is placed on the Mount of Mercury. It starts from the edge of your palm, right below the pinkie finger.
  • The Apollo line represents one person’s achievements in life. It usually initiates at the top of the Mount of Moon and ends on the Mount of Apollo. It also reveals the owner’s success and failure in his life.
  • The Mercury line is nearly the same as the life line. However, it points out your health. It indicates the status of your health and emphasizes your physical well-being. This line usually begins in the plain of Mars and ends somewhere in the Mount of Mercury.
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