How To Read Your Own Palm Lines

Palm reading is not as easy as it might seem since it requires proper, accumulated knowledge. On the other hand, the palm reader must be equipped with a divine intuition that may connect him/her with the accurate palm reading. There are three main lines in one person’s each hand. You must know how these lines work to read your own palm.

1. Heart Line
How To Read Your Own Palm Lines
  • The heart line is the top line in your palm. It starts underneath your middle or index finger and extends to your little finger.
  • If the heart line starts beneath the index finger, then you are happy with your love life. If it starts beneath the middle finger, you are likely to have a selfish outlook in love. Besides, if it initiates between the two fingers, you are easy to give away your heart.
  • You need also to observe the length of the line. A shorter line indicates that you pay more attention to the aim of having a sexual relationship than a romance one.
  • The straightness of the heart line emphasizes the ability to manage your emotions. The curvier it is, the more emotional the bearer is.
2. Head Line
  • The headline can be found in the middle of the palm. It is located below the heart line and runs across the palm.
  • The length of the head line represents the mental attitude of one individual. A short head line indicates a physical owner rather than a mental one.
  • The way how a person thinks is displayed by the curviness of the head line. A curvy head line stands for a person who has a very short attention span while a straight line discloses one’s concise thinking.
  • If there are broken spots in the head line, then the owner is indecisive. The person tends think or decide inconsistently.
3. Life line
  • The life line is placed below the heart line and the head line. It begins at the edge of the palm and stretches down to one’s palm.
  • The length of the life line displays the possible length of the owner’s life span.
  • The depth the life line reveals one’s health condition. A deep line indicates good health. People with deep life line will be healthier than those with faint lines. A fainter line is the precursor of illness and diseases.
  • When you read your own palm, you need to count the lines across this line. A person with several such lines is prone to have an enthusiastic view of life. It also reflects the vitality of the surroundings around you.
  • If there are breaks in your life line, you should be well prepared for sudden changes. These breaks imply drastic life changing events that may happen at some point in your future. You can consider it as a positive or negative way.
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