How To Read Palms

Palmists claim that the major lines highly reveal things that refer to one’s personality. There are many ways of reading one person through the help of palm lines. Read the instructions on how to read palms.

1. Life line
How To Read Palms

The life line starts near one’s thumb. It embraces the thumb and extends towards you wrist. It reveals one’s physical health and the general body well-being. The life line provides information about the length of one’s life span.

  • If this line is close to the thumb, the bearers may often be stressing in work or school. They are most of the time tired due to physical stresses they encounter.
  • If there are little circles in your life line, you must have been hurt or injured. You are medically hospitalized for a certain illness you have acquired.
  • If you have breaks in your life line, you may face changes in the future. These breaks represent changes that may trigger sudden depression or happiness. You must be able to get hold of your ability to interact with such changes.
2. Head line

The head line represents one’s learning capability. It portraits one’s intellectual ability and the capacity to communicate with others. People with a prominent head line tend to be thirsty for knowledge.

  • A straight head line describes someone who thinks in a natural sense. They tend to become realistic visualizing all sides of the story, not only the theoretical or wanted one.
  • Some people have crosses in their head line. This involves having circles on the line. Such characteristics reveal one’s inconsistencies in thinking.
  • If there are a couple of crosses lying on the head line, there may be events in your life that demand decisions. Sometimes you face with problems in decision making.
3. Heart Line   

The heart line is normally seen from the bottom of the index finger and stretches towards the edge of the palm. It is usually found on top of the hand.

  • If you have a long heart line in a little curvy shape, then you have the strength to display your emotions. This involves expressing your real feelings and deep-seated emotions.
  • If you your heart line is curvy, you are believed to be a partner-person. You are prone to fly with many relationships and deal with too many sweeties.
  • If there are circles on your heart line, you may be experiencing depression or sadness.
  • Broken lines reveal acquiring emotional trauma in life. You tend to become more sad and sentimental.
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