How To Read Palms Step by Step

How To Read Hands?

Palm reading is an ancient art of fortune telling. People believe that it originated in Asia, particularly in China and India. Palmistry involves observing the lines of the palm and other features like marks, islands, chains, forks, and so on. It is believed to be able to predict one’s destiny. Palm reading can also analyze an individual’s emotional and intellectual strength. It reveals how a person interacts with others regarding work, finances, and relationships. Here are some instructions on how to read palms.

1. The major lines
  • The Heart line
Straight Do not have much interest in love
Curvy Freely express emotions
Broken line Tend to experience emotional trauma
Below the middle finger Selfish
Below the index finger Satisfied with your current love state
Between the middle and index finger Tend to fall in love easily
Intersects with the life line Can easily be heart broken
  • The Head line
Long Focused and clear thinking
Short Prefer to experience physical achievements than mental
Straight Realistic thinker
Curvy Creative
Broken line Inconsistent thinker
Separated from the life line Adventurous and enthusiastic about life
  • The Life line
Long   Pure vitality
Short May easily be manipulated by other people
Straight Very careful in relationship dealings
Curvy Energetic
Broken line Experience sudden change in life style
Splitted or multiple life lines Have extra strong vitality
Close to the thumb Easily gets tired
In a semi-circle shape Have strength and enthusiasm
2. Four elements associated with the shape of hands

The hand shape is associated with the bearer’s character. On the other hand, the length of the palm is also analyzed. It is gauged from the wrist up to the bottom of the fingers.

Air The palm is in square or rectangular shape while knuckles are protruding. The thumbs might be very short. The hands often have dry skin. Fingers are longer than the length of the palm.
Fire The palm is square or rectangular in shape. The skin seems to be flushed or pinkish. The length of fingers is less than the length of the palm.
Earth The palm has broad and square shape. The skin appears to be thick and course with ruddy color. The length of the palm is nearly equal to the length of the fingers.
Water The palm is oval. It is expected to be long and flexible with conical fingers. The length of the palm is nearly the same as the length of the fingers. However, the fingers are shorter than the width of the palm.
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