How to Read Palms and Their Markings?

How to Read Palms
How to Read Palms

When you wish to learn how to read palms, you need to understand the various things that you will come across in a palm. This includes the lines, the mounts and the markings. Often, people end up forgetting about the markings. This should not be done as they can impact the reading greatly. Here some of the markings you should become familiar with.

The Markings
  • Breaks
  • Breaks can occur on both minor and major lines. At the same time, they can have positive as well as negative interpretations in palmistry based on the direction from the lines. Breaks that lead upwards towards the hand’s edges are representative of an unexpected journey. On the other hand, breaks leading to the thumb indicate a new direction in your career.

  • Chains
  • In palmistry, these markings are representative of the various obstacles and roadblocks that you will encounter in life. Their interpretations as to the kind of obstacles depend on the line that they are found in. The length of these chains denotes how long the problem will remain.

  • Crosses
  • When you are learning how to read your own palm, you will find crosses to be either positive or negative based on their position on the palm. Crosses can be indicative of changes that may take place in your life. These markings can also represent problems that can last for a long time.

  • Grilles
  • These markings generally appear on the mounts of the palm. In palm reading, they have a negative impact on the reading as they are indicative of problems. They can also represent insecurity at certain times in your life or hindrances to your advancement.

  • Triangles
  • In palm reading, triangles are considered to be very lucky. These markings are indicative of success. They show that you are capable of analyzing any situation in an effective manner.

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