How To Read Palms

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Historically, Palm reading (also known as Palmistry or Chiromancy) has its root in Roman fortune telling and Indian astrology. Hence, this ancient practice encompasses the wisdom of the antiquity. Remember that the lines on our palm are not fixed from birth since they are changeable as time passes. They will reformed due to numerous factors such as living environment, social interaction, improvement, experience, practice, competence, and so forth. Therefore, never rely solely or seriously on the insight given by palm reading. It is wiser to take it as an effective reference for personal exploration and future prediction. Obviously, the Halloween holiday will lack excitement and miracles if there is no booth of a palmist.

Train Yourself How To Read Palms With 6 Simple Steps

Chose A Hand To Read

Firstly, choose a hand to read. Different practitioners may have different habits of selecting hand. Anyway, the following are some common beliefs around the importance of the left hand and the right one.

The left hand is read for men; the right one is read for women.
The left hand is read for left-handed people; the right one is read for right-handed people.
The left hand reflects your natural self; the right one indicates your objective self.
The left hand is what God gives you; the right one is what you have made of it.

Secondly, put your hand up and locate the 4 major lines: life line, head line, life line and fate line. Being on the top of the palm, the heart line refers to some notable traits of your love life such as happiness, romance, sensitivity, emotion, stability, loyalty, compassion, flirtation, etc. Besides, the head line which is in the middle of the palm indicates your learning skill, communication style, social connection, general belief, wisdom, etc. Next, the life line is found at the bottom of the palm. It alludes to your general well-being, physical health, vitality, life-span, etc. Along with that, the fate line is located from the bottom to the center of the palm below the middle finger. It represents how your fate will be affected by some circumstances which are beyond your control like career decisions, promotion, study path, success, etc.

Thirdly, examine the heart line.

  • Start under the index finger – feeling satisfied with the love life.
  • Start under the middle finger – being selfish in love.
  • Be straight and short – running away from any emotional and romantic experience.
  • Be curvy and long – expressing emotion and feeling openly.
  • Be wavy – getting involved in many relationships without a serious one.
  • Be circle – suffering depression and heartbreak.

Fourthly, interpret the head line.

  • Be curve and sloping – creativity and self-awareness.
  • Be straight – practicality and self-discipline.
  • Be wavy – short span of attention.
  • Be deep and long – concentration and memorization.
  • Be short – physical competence and achievement.
  • Be broken – inconsistency and indetermination.

Fifthly, study the life line.

  • Be curvy – possessing enormous energy and power.
  • Be long and deep – living healthily with the strong vitality.
  • Be short and shallow – being influenced or controlled by others.
  • Be broken – having some sudden changes in life.
  • Be circle – being injured or hospitalized.

Sixthly, evaluate the fate line.

  • Be deep – being affected by fate ultimately.
  • Be broken and variable – facing many changes of life due to the external forces.
  • Begin at the base of the thumb and go through life line – being supported from family and friends.

All in all, please remember not to judge others when reading their palm lines. Besides, never add your subjectivity and bias into this ancient practice! Try not to make any dark prediction as they can influence or ruin the others’ life in some aspects.

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