How To Read Palm Lines?

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Palmistry or palm reading has its myth from the Gypsy Fortune Tellers and the ancient Indian legends. Although Palmistry has been used for the seemly unscientific divination, this art has become a subject of science and education. One of the basic reasons to explain this is that a so-called Fortune Teller will interpret our hand based on the lines available on our palm. Keep in mind that each line will contain different meanings that make people special and unique. Believe it or not, in some specific cases, our palm is somewhat able to reveal a lot about our wealth, health, love and so on. These days, there are dozens of special Palmistry schools which can give us the training courses for the same. Any kind of people around the world who are interested in Palmistry are totally able to register one course and learn how to interpret palms by themselves. Nevertheless, remember that leaning Palmistry for entertainment will not require us to have any specific skills. All we need is our patience and effort.

Lots of people in many parts of the world have great faith in the interpretations of the lines on their palms. While some of us perform Palmistry as a fun and hobby, others can follow this art for some spiritual reasons. Besides, according to Palmistry, some hidden, invisible and potential facts around ourselves and our life cycle can be partly disclosed with the assistance of palm reading. Each line on our palm will have its own and special meaning.

How to read our own palm lines?

How To Read Palm Lines?

On a palm, there will generally be all of the four major lines including the Heart line, the Life line, the Head line, and the Fate line.

The Heart line: This line will begin from the edge of the palm and make a certain curve towards the forefinger. A line which starts below the forefinger can indicate that we extremely gain satisfaction from our current relationship. If this line lies between the forefinger and the middle finger, it means that we are apt to give someone our heart easily. A curved and long line indicates that we are an emotional person while a straight and short one reveals that we tend to lack the interest in our love.

The Life line: Like its name, the Life line is read for prophesying the quality and vitality of life. In general, this line will start from the space between the thumb and the forefinger, and then move down the wrist. It is often said that a curvy line indicates that we are always full of energy whilst a line closer to our thumb will reveal that we lack energy. People who are endowed with more than one Life line will surely have a lot of vitality inside them.

The Head line: This Head line will lie between the Heart line and the Life one. Our attitude, potential abilities, personality traits and general thoughts will be reflected in this line. According to the basis of Palmistry, a short line can represent the possibility of the physical achievements, a curvy line can indicate the enormous creativity while a straight line can disclose that we have a tendency towards the realistic thoughts.

The Fate line: The truth is that we can find it difficult to seek for our Fate line since not all of us possess this special line. Normally, its absence can signify that we may have some plans beforehand in our future and gain success without much effort. The Fate line will begin from the base of our palm and move upwards, dividing our palm into 2 halves. This line can reveal our fate, or precisely our luck more. A deep and clear line represents inheritance, a jagged line discloses the serious struggle while a faint line refers to the failures.

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