How To Read Palm Lines

There are four major lines in one’s palm: the life line, heart line, head line, and fate line. Not everybody has the fate line. However, the first three lines are always found in our palms at birth. Here are some guidelines on how to read palm lines.

1. Life line
How To Read Hands?
  • If the life line is curvy, the bearers are believed to have a lot of energy. They can stay strong even after a stressing day at work.
  • A long and deep life line reveals one’s energy. The owners can showcase their vitality in the activities they do.
  • Short life line represents one’s weakness. The bearers of this line tend to believe in the tricks of bad people. They are likely to be manipulated by others.
  • If the life line is being rounded, it indicates one’s enthusiasm. The person is strong even if they face trials in life.
2. Head linet
  • The head line reveals one’s creativity. With this line, you might be able to observe the styles and things you can do through the use of your mind creativity.
  • The head line and life line usually meet at a certain point. Nevertheless, there are people whose head line and life line are separated. This case indicates a lack of boredom. It enables you to show your enthusiastic side.
  • A person with a too curvy line is someone who has a short span of attention towards discussing things. Everyone who has this characteristic is prone to become more dependent than people who have the longer attention span.
  • A short head line describes one’s preference on physical things than mental ideas. As a result, if someone has a long head line, he/she is more intellectual and brain user.
  • A deep long head line represents one’s focus. If you have the ability to stay focused, then you have cleared your mind for the better.
3. Heart line
  • If the heart line begins at the bottom of the index finger, the bearers are said to be grateful for the current love they have.
  • On the other hand, if the line initiates beneath the middle finger, the owners are selfish towards the love of their life.
  • If the heart line initiates between the index and middle finger, the objects tend to fall in love in an easy manner.
  • If this line is short, you are considered as less romantic. The shorter your heart line is, the lesser you get indulged in dealing with romance.
  • If your heart line can touch your life line, you are prone to become sorrowful towards breakups. Your heart tends to become easily broken.
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