How to Read Palm and the Meanings of Minor Lines

How to Read Palm
How to Read Palm

If you want to know how to read palm, you need to understand the location of the different lines as well as their interpretations and meanings. Usually, you will end up focusing on the major lines but the minor lines can be just as crucial. As such, you need to know about them so that you can give proper readings.

The Minor Lines
  • The Apollo Line
  • This is also called the Line of the Sun in palm reading. If it is present, it can be representative of the success the person will achieve in his or her life. It can also mean that the person will be creative and possess a good degree of self-confidence. They are also capable of communicating their ideas nicely while being sensitive. As such, they are ready to be successful and enjoy goof fortune.

  • Bracelet Lines
  • The bracelet lines are also known as the rascette lines in palmistry. As the name suggests, they are located on the wrists at the base of the palm. Most people will have 3 bracelet lines only. Only a few lucky people have four of these lines. The presence of 4 lines indicates that the person will have a long life. Bracelet lines deal with health, longevity, prosperity and destiny.

  • Fate Line
  • Also called the Line of Destiny, this line can show how a person has been affected by other people and events in his or her life. The events revealed are those that a person does not have any control over. It can also be an indicator of the obstacles that the person will face. The Fate Line is associated with the life path of an individual.

If you truly wish to understand and learn how to read palms, you must start by finding out more about these lines and their meanings.

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