How To Read Palm?

Palmistry has grown over centuries as a personal way to the unknown. Palmistry (also known as chiromancy) initiates from the ancient Greeks, ancient China, and Gypsy culture. Along with Tarot card readings, tea leaf and pendulum readings, palmistry is classified as a pseudoscience. Palmistry is used to predict what is possible to occur in an individual’s life based on the lines appearing on his or her palm. Do you know how to read palm?

The modern theory states that the lines of the palm represent graphic shorthand of the brain’s circuits. The nerve group controlling the hands is exactly in the center of the brain while all the electrical energies pass through it. Palmists believe that all lines on the hand are created in some relation to nerve linkages, thought patterns, or even chromosomal structures.

How to do a Palm Line Reading
How To Read Hands?

1. Step One

The first step in palm reading is to get an overall idea of the palm. If you are reading your own hands, try to look at your hands like they are something new. Is your hand shaped like a square or a shovel? Are the fingers stubby or lengthy? Is your skin soft? Are there rough patches? Generally speaking, the overall palm can be divided into one of four hand shapes: Square, Pointed, Cone Shaped, and Mixed.

Some palmists and websites also consider the hand shapes as elements and call them air, fire, earth, and water. No matter which system you prefer, keep in mind that analyzing the shape of hands is a great jumping when it comes to palm reading.

2. Step Two

The next step is to find out the lines on the palm. In palmistry, there are four major lines: the Life line, Head line, Heart line, and Fate line. These major lines exist on most hands. Besides, there are also minor lines that somebody does have while others do not have, such as the Marriage line, Children line, Travel line, Health line, Apollo line, Intuition line, and so on.

Besides the lines, you should also pay attention to the girdles, crosses, squares, breaks, stars, circles, spot, tridents, islands, dots, bars, etc. All of these features will provide further information about your characteristics, traits, strengths, weaknesses, as well as your future. Do not miss any sign on your palm because they can warn you something that you may not expect. In case you cannot explain the meanings yourself, do not be hesitant to ask for help from a palmist expert.

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