How to Read My Palm Easily With Minor Lines?

How to Read My Palm

If you need to know how to read my palm, you will have to learn about the lines and the mounts of the hand. Even though minor lines do not govern the most important aspects of a person, it does not mean that they can be ignored. After all, they have a major role to play. Here are some of the meanings associated with a few of the minor lines.

The Lines
  • Fate Line
  • This is also known as the career line in palmistry as it generally predicts the fortune that the person will experience in his or her job. With the help of this line, you can discover what kind of changes you can expect in your career over the course of your line. If this line is deep, straight and clear without too many crosses, you can consider yourself lucky in matters of career. Your knowledge of how to read palm will be incomplete without knowing about this line.

  • The Sun Line
  • This line is also referred to as Apollo line in palm reading. This line reflects your capability and talent for achieving success. A longer line is considered to be better than a sun line that is short. It is also thought of as a companion to the fate line because the sun line can affect it. A good sun line can boost the effects of the fate line.

  • Money Line
  • As the name suggests, this palmistry line governs the monetary aspect of an individual. However, unlike other lines, there can be more than one money line. In fact, having multiple money lines is a good sign if they are clear, deep and straight. They show that you are capable of making a fortune and you are good at investing your money. However, this line is affected by the other lines.

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