How To Read A Palm?

Palmistry has existed for thousands of years, and it still appeals to many people from all over the world due to its mysterious secrets and accurate quality. Everybody knows palmistry but do you know how to read a palm? Palm reading is not only about analyzing the lines but also looking at many other factors of the hands like hand’s shape, colors of the skin, fingers, fingernails, markings, loops, and so on.

1. Vertical Line
How To Read A Palm?

Some people feel worried when they see a long vertical line appearing on their hand that splits the palm into two parts. In fact, this is a good sign in Palmistry! This vertical line, which runs vertically from the bottom of the hand to the top, is your good Fate line.

It is also called the “career path line.’ Normally, it reveals how much fortune a person can obtain by the influence of luck or fate. It stands for satisfaction in your career or in anything you carry out in your life. If this line is clear, deep, long without any break or cross on it, then it is reckoned as a good fate line. Some palm readers suppose that the absence of this line is the prediction of a meandering, unfocused life.

2. Horizontal Line

How about a horizontal line in one hand? This line is known as the Simian line or Simian fold/crease. The word “simian” means monkeylike as early palmists found out that monkeys had this formation on their palms.

Although the vertical line is more desirable than the horizontal one, the Simian line is now becoming more popular. According to many palmists, this line is formed when your head line and heart line merge into one strong line that cuts right across your hand. The Simian line can be found on one or both hands.

Those who have a Simian line are very obstinate. They only behave under the control of either their head or their heart. They might find it hard to distinguish between thoughts and feelings when the two combines and intertwines. These people can highly focus on their jobs, but they are not good at multitasking and often have difficulty in dealing with stress. Simian crease owners often misunderstand easily in communication. Nevertheless, these people have a lot of mental and physical energy. Having a Simian crease on both of your hands means doubling the effect!

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