How To Read A Palm

The Hand Line

Are you curious about what your palms say about you? The palmists will reveal all the hidden information about your fortune based on your own palm lines. Obviously, being able to read a palm is one of the most attractive and addictive feelings indeed! In some cases, this ancient practice can make you outstanding in a circle of friends.

Train Yourself To Read Palm

How To Read A Palm

First of all, what you need to do is choosing a hand to read. Which hand do you prefer to read? In reference to the significance of left hand and the right one, there are some common sayings which you are advised to give a thoughtful consideration. The future is displayed on the right hand; the past is shown in the left one.

The right hand is read for men; the left one is read for women.

The right hand is what we have made of it; the left one is what God gives us.

The right hand is read for right-handed people; the left one is read for left-handed people. Next, keep your eyes closely on the four main lines: heart line, head line, life line, and fate line. Now, put your hand up, and locate the lines on your palm! Have you identified them yet? Firstly, the heart line alludes to all love matters. It is on the top of the palm. If it starts under the index finger, you will feel satisfied with your love life. In other cases, if it begins below the middle finger, you will become selfish when it comes to love. Besides, if it starts in the middle, you will fall in love with someone easily, and so forth. Secondly, the head line indicates your wisdom and intellect. It is in the middle of the palm. If it is straight, perhaps, you are born with a great sense of practicality and reality. In addition, while a short head line means you prefer physical achievement over the intellectual one, the long head line means you are a clear and focused thinker, etc. Thirdly, the life line represents your life-span and vitality. It is at the bottom of the palm. If it is close to the thumb, it means you are a kind of person who gets tired frequently. In contrast, a wide and curvy life line indicates that you are healthy with plenty of energy, and so on. Fourthly, the fate line shows your destiny and future prospects. Always remember that not everyone has this line! Thus, it is needless to feel bad if yours is in nowhere to be seen! Anyway, a deep fate line means your life is controlled entirely by destiny. Conversely, if it is broken, it may be interpreted that your fate can be changed several times by the external forces, and more.

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