How Many Of These 5 Hand Palm Markings Do You Know?

Hand Palm
Hand Palm

In a hand palm, you will notice a variety of markings. These markings also play a role when you are getting a reading of your hand. They can affect the interpretations of the lines and change the reading. The impact of these markings can be either positive or negative.

The Markings
  • Squares
  • These markings are generally positive in nature. In palm reading, they are indicative of protection especially if they appear near line brakes. They can also be representative of good luck. However, if they appear on a line that does not have any breaks, these markings may also indicate that you will go through a time when you will be feeling confined.

  • Stars
  • Generally, stars are considered to be positive markings in palmistry. They can indicate good fortune and success as relevant to the area that they occur in. If located at the end of a line, they can be indicative of great accomplishments and fame. These does not apply to the life line however as the stars will indicate turmoil if present in that line. Additionally, they can also be a symbol of misfortune if located in some particular areas.

  • Triangles
  • Out of all the markings found in a palm, triangles are considered to be one of the luckiest. They represent success and indicate that the person has the capacity to analyze situations in an effective manner. If they are located on some particular lines, they can fortify the qualities and characteristics of those lines.

  • Tridents
  • A trident can also be a lucky sign in a free palm reading. It is capable of increasing the characteristics of the mounts and lines that they appear on in all cases. It may even positively impact the surrounding mounts. It is also believed that these markings can bring good fortune to the person in question.

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