How Do You Read Tarot Cards?

How Do You Read Tarot Cards?

In general, Tarot cards often conjure the images of Gypsy women, hocus-pocus, and crystal balls. Yes, it is really difficult to separate these cards from their old and long history. Nevertheless, the cards themselves tend to be benign, and they only manifest their power when practitioners put trust in them. It is supposed that Tarot readings are able to fill a lot of needs, ranging from a relaxing hobby to a magical tool for discovering the inner feelings. Besides, there seem to be no fast rules for interpreting the cards, but this article will give us some basic suggestions to get us started on our way.

Different Methods Of Reading Tarot Cards

Step 1
Buy a pack of Tarot cards. Generally speaking, the Rider-Waite deck is considered as a wise choice to begin with. It can be easily found on online shops or at bookstores.

Step 2
Don’t forget to use a cloth or scarf to wrap our cards so that a clean and safe environment may be created. Of course, we might also wish to buy a special box where our wrapped deck shall be carefully stored.

Step 3
Season our card deck through sleeping with these wrapped cards next to our heart or putting them under our pillow for a week. When everything is well-done, it is time to conduct a Tarot card reading!

Step 4
Get ourselves focused on the question or concern being asked, and then shuffle the pack. We are allowed to mix cards in a big pile by making use of both hands. After that, gather them up neatly and continue with the regular card.

Step 5
Here is the moment for cutting the deck. If we do the session for someone else, please have him ask the query out loud once he cuts the pack. However, in case we read the cards for ourselves, ask our own inquiry when cutting.

Step 6
Deal the cards via utilizing our own Tarot spread. One of the simple layouts is the 3-card Tarot spread.

Step 7
Take a first look at the design on Tarot cards. Typically, the cards which look right side up for us are known to be in a positive position while the ones that look upside down for us will be reversed. These reversed cards often imply blocked energy, conflict, or negative influence.

Step 8
Come up with our own cards’ significances and descriptions to personalize our session style. Don’t be reluctant to follow our instincts.

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